Art Express

Smiling kid at Art Express WorkshopArt Express Family Workshops

Art Express Family Workshops are offered on Saturday afternoons. Participants listen to a story, look at artworks in the galleries, and make art! Our theme-based journey begins at 2:00 p.m. Call 716-286-8200 to reserve your space.

November - December 2015

Collections from Homage to Picasso Exhibit

NOVEMBER 7, 2015

Artwork: Victor Vasarely, Untitled Op Art

Story: Thatcher Hurd, The Weaver

Activity: Geometric Optical Illusions


NOVEMBER 14, 2015

Artwork: Pablo Picasso,  Hand with Bouquet

Story:                    Jonah Winter, Just Behave Pablo!

Activity:               Picasso Painting Tribute


NOVEMBER 21, 2015            

Artwork: Roy Lichtenstein, Cubist Still Life

Story: Susan Golman Rubin, Whaam!: the art and life of Roy Lichtenstein

Activity: Tissue Paper Cubism Paintings


NOVEMBER 28, 2015           

Artwork: Prints from Homage to Picasso Exhibit

Story: Mil Niepold, Oooh! Picasso

Activity: Picasso Portrait Collages     

New dates announced!

December 5 & 12, 2015