Art Express

Art Express Family Workshops

Art Express Family Workshops are offered on Saturday afternoons in the fall and spring. Participants listen to a story, look at artworks in the galleries, and make art! Our theme-based journey begins at 2:00 p.m. Call 716-286-8200 to reserve your space.

The next Art Express workshops are scheduled for the following Saturdays:

September 20 & 27, October 11 & 25, November 1 & 8, 2014


Make Your Reservations

SEPTEMBER 20, 2014

Artwork: Paul Troubetzkoy, Dancer

Story: Laurence Anholt, Degas and The Little Dancer

Activity: Figure Sculpture in Motion


SEPTEMBER 27, 2014

Artworks: Jean Baptiste Armand Guillaumin, Le Paysage (landscape)

Story: James Mayhew, Katie and the Impressionists

Activity: Impressionist Landscapes


OCTOBER 11, 2014

Artwork: Stanton MacDonald-Wright, Fudo

Story: Mike Venezia, Getting to know  Picasso

Activity: Cubist Pastel Faces


OCTOBER 25, 2014

Artwork: Salvador Dali, Spanish

Story: Laurence Anholt, Jack’s Dreamsack

Activity: Dreamscape Collage


NOVEMBER 1, 2014                       

Artwork:         Andy Warhol, Campbel’sl Tomato Soup

Story:              Rachel Isadora, ABC POP!     

Activity:          Pop Art Designs


NOVEMBER 8, 2014           

Artwork:         Roy Lichtenstein, As I Open Fire

Story:              Susan Goldman Rubin Whaam!: the art and life of Roy Lichtenstein

Activity:          Cartoon Expressions