Faculty Curated Exhibitions

The museum staff collaborates with faculty at Niagara University to organize and develop exhibitions that contribute to course objectives. This includes selecting artworks from the museum collection, writing exhibition content, and working with museum staff to use our exhibitions during semester coursework.

  • Experiencing Post-War U.S. History through Art (2020) explored a variety of perspectives on the major social, political, and economic themes through select works from the museum collection, developed in collaboration with Niagara University’s History department.
  • Writing on the Wall: Text-based Works from the Collection (2018), developed in collaboration with the English, Religious Studies, Theatre and Fine Arts, and Foreign Languages Department explored the dialog between image and text.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning at the museum provides opportunities for Niagara University students to dive deeper into concepts encountered in their coursework, by engaging with works on display and in our collection. Museum staff work with and help support faculty across a wide range of university departments to facilitate these opportunities that promote critical learning.

  • Wilde at the Falls: Touring the Falls with Oscar Wilde (2016) featured historical Niagara Falls works on paper from the museum collection paired with select quotes by Oscar Wilde following his 1882 visit to the Falls, touching on themes of Niagara Falls as a symbol, the advertising of nature, the Free Niagara Movement, and more. Developed in partnership with the Wilde on the Borders: Symposium Committee and the NU Theatre production of “Lady Windermere’s Fan”.
  • Celebrating African American Artists in Partnership with the NU Office of Multicultural Affairs (2019) was a pop-up exhibition highlighting African American artists in the museum collection, developed in partnership with the NU Office of Multicultural Affairs.