Vernacular Architecture: Frontier Building in Niagara County

The Youngstown Cold Storage Co. building in Youngstown, NY is an example of a cold storage facility: a large, warehouse style building designed to store perishable goods, such as produce, at a lower temperature than its surrounding natural environment. Built with fieldstone in the early 1900s the building fell out of use in the early 2000s and remains vacant. Historic (and modern) cold storage facilities can still be found in a number of communities in Niagara County, highlighting the area’s continued agricultural heritage.

Exhibit:  July 21, 2019 – April 12, 2020


Frontier Building: Vernacular Architecture in Niagara County is a multi-year project organized by the Castellani Art Museum of Niagara University’s Folk Arts Program. This project seeks to develop a representative survey of commonplace architecture in Niagara County, raising awareness of the unique built heritage and cultural landscape of the region through a series of exhibitions and publications.